15 Best Vegan Drinks at Blue Bottle Coffee

15 best vegan drinks at Blue Bottle Coffee. In this post, I am going to be sharing the best vegan drink options from Blue Bottle Coffee. Considered to be one of the more fashionable coffee chains around – I first came across Blue Bottle Coffee in Los Angeles. I waited in line and was not disappointed. But what exactly is vegan at this higher-end coffee chain and do they even offer any vegan options (FYI – it is probably one of the most vegan-friendly coffee chains out there). Let’s find out.

What Are the Best Vegan Drinks at Blue Bottle Coffee?

As a general rule, Blue Bottle Coffee is one of the best coffee chains out there for vegan drinks. All Blue Bottle Coffee drinks are served with oat milk as default, resulting in most of their drinks being vegan when ordered as-is, with no substitutions.

Summary Table – 15 Best Vegan Drinks at Blue Bottle Coffee

Below is a table summarizing the 15 best vegan drinks at Blue Bottle Coffee.

Best Vegan Drinks Blue Bottle
Spiced Nola
Black Cardamom Latte (Hot or Iced)
Sweet Latte (Hot or Iced)
Caffe Latte
Americano (Hot or Iced)
Bella Donovan
Matcha Americano
Hojicha Latte
Hojicha Americano
New Orleans Style Iced Coffee
Bright Cold Brew
Cafe Au Lait

Blue Bottle Coffee – Where Oat Milk Rules

As I have already mentioned, all milk-based drinks at Blue Bottle Coffee come with oat milk as default (I can’t even begin to describe how much I love that).

If oat milk isn’t your favorite, then Blue Bottle Coffee does also have Goodmylk almond available too. I have written many ‘best vegan drinks lists’ for coffee shops before and they usually involve multiple substitutions. At Blue Bottle Coffee this is not the case.

I LOVE the fact that every drink below can just be ordered as-is. Vegan paradise. However, please note Blue Bottle Coffee is not completely vegan – they still offer dairy milk as an option. It is just that oat milk is their default if you order a drink with “milk”.

Some Disclaimers

Before I continue just a couple of disclaimers.

  • As is the case with all non-exclusively vegan coffee shops, there is always the chance of cross-contamination. I will leave it to your discretion as to whether this is something you are comfortable with or not.
  • There are three drinks on the below list (the black Cardamom Latte, Hojicha Latte, and New Orleans Style Iced Coffee) that contain cane sugar. As is always the case with cane sugar there is the possibility it has been processed with bone char (essentially charred animal bones). It may also not have been processed with bone char. If this could be an issue for you then avoid these drinks.

Note there are also some drinks on the below list that contain unrefined brown muscovado sugar – this is vegan.

Without further ado let’s dig into this list of the best vegan drinks at Blue Bottle Coffee.

15 Best Vegan Drinks at Blue Bottle Coffee - iced coffee

15 Best Vegan Drinks at Blue Bottle Coffee

1. Spiced Nola

New Orleans Style iced coffee (think chicory notes) meets clove, cinnamon bark, and Ethiopian black Cardamom. The result? A spicy, florally vegan delight. The Spiced Nola comes with oat milk as default (love). If you prefer almond, you can order yours with almond milk instead.

2. Black Cardamom Latte (Hot or Iced)

The black Cardamom Latte at Blue Bottle consists of espresso and lightly sweetened oat milk mixed with the fragrance of orange blossom and black Cardamom. This orangey spicy latte is perfect for Fall and can be ordered hot or iced.

3. Sweet Latte (Hot or Iced)

I love the fact there is a Sweet Latte on the menu at Blue Bottle Coffee. Their sweet Latte is made of chocolatey espresso with steamed oat milk and unrefined brown muscovado sugar.

Unrefined brown muscovado sugar is vegan (it is the refining process that can make some sugars not vegan) and it gives the latte molasses taste. The sweet latte is available hot or iced.

4. Shakerato

Blue Bottle Coffee’s Shakerato is their spin on a classic Italian iced coffee. The Shakerato is made of organic espresso and oat milk which has been lightly sweetened with earthy muscovado sugar. The Shakerato is then shaken over ice until chilled and frothy (hence the name).

5. Cappuccino

You can’t go wrong with a good old cappuccino. Especially when it comes vegan as is with no substitutions. Blue Bottle Coffee’s cappuccino is made with organic espresso and velvety oat milk. Vegan froth galore.

6. Caffe Latte

You also can’t go wrong with a classic latte, especially when it comes with oat milk as default. Blue Bottle Coffee’s Caffe latte is made with chocolatey organic espresso and oat milk.

7. Gibraltar

Gibraltar is Blue Bottle’s version of a Cortado. Essentially this drink is made of organic espresso topped off with steamed oat milk. Blue Bottle’s Gibraltar comes served in a small glass.

8. Americano (Hot or Iced)

An Americano is a great vegan drink to order at any coffee shop. An Americano is basically water poured over espresso. The espresso used in Blue Bottle Coffee’s Americano is rich and bold ristretto-style organic espresso. You can order your Americano iced or hot.

If you want a bit of creaminess, you can add a dash of oat or almond milk.

9. Bella Donovan

The Bella Donovan at Blue Bottle Coffee is one of their pour-over coffees. This pour-over coffee is fruited Ethiopian coffee mixed with heftier coffees from Peru and Sumatra. If you want a bit of creaminess, you can ask for yours with oat or almond if you wish. The Bella Donovan is also great served black.

10. Matcha Americano

A Matcha Americano is basically matcha tea served Americano coffee style. The Matcha Americano consists of a concentrated shot of matcha tea cut with enough water poured in to allow the tea flavors to shine through. You can order your Matcha Americano hot or Iced.

11. Hojicha Latte

The Hojicha Latte consists of mellow roasted Hojicha tea with cane sugar and oat milk. But hang on – what exactly is Hojicha tea I hear you ask? Hojicha tea is Japanese roasted tea, which is naturally lower in caffeine than matcha. You can order your Hojicha Latte hot or iced.

12. Hojicha Americano

A Hojicha Americano is another unusual vegan drink you can order at Blue Bottle Coffee. It is a shot of Hojicha tea cut with just enough water. Again, you can order this drink hot or iced.

13. New Orleans Style Iced Coffee

The New Orleans Style Iced Coffee at Blue Bottle uses iced coffee that is cold brewed with roasted chicory. This iced coffee is then mixed with oat milk and cane sugar.

14. Bright Cold Brew

The Bright Cold Brew at Blue Bottle Coffee is a blend of African coffees. The result? Tart berry flavors and acidity. The Bright Cold Brew at Blue Bottle Coffee is slowly steeped daily in-store. And, of course, it is vegan.

15. Cafe Au Lait

The final vegan drink on this Blue Bottle Coffee list is their Cafe Au Lait. Blue Bottle Coffee’s Cafe Au Lait consists of any pour-over or batch brew coffee finished with steamed oat milk. Seriously though, what’s not to love about oat milk being the default milk…

15 Best Vegan Drinks at Blue Bottle Coffee - The Final Sip

The Final Sip – 15 Best Vegan Drinks at Blue Bottle Coffee

The 15 best vegan drinks at Blue Bottle Coffee. When it comes to being vegan-friendly, I think Blue Bottle Coffee just might be the top spot for a bigger coffee chain. Why? Well, because literally all of the drink menus are vegan thanks to their default milk of choice being a vegan one – Oat Milk. Yes, the coffee may be a bit pricier but the styles and just luxury of choice for a vegan are well worth it. And, if you don’t know what to pick – I highly recommend the New Orleans Style Iced Coffee.

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…Now I Know.

Beverage makers may change ingredients and/or manufacturing processes. Always double-check ingredients before purchasing any beverages.

Please Drink Responsibly.

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