9 Best Vegan Food and Drink Orders at Freddy’s

Best vegan food and drink orders at Freddy’s. In this post, I am going to be sharing with you the 9 best vegan food and drink orders at Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers. If you are looking for traditional Americana-style dining, then you can’t go wrong at Freddy’s. However, what if you are vegan? What exactly are the vegan options at Freddy’s?

The Best Vegan Food and Drink Orders At Freddy’s

As a general rule, the best vegan orders at Freddy’s are:

  • veggie burger without cheese and sauce
  • shoestring fries
  • baked lays Original
  • apple sauce
  • soda
  • root beer
  • iced tea; and
  • bowl of toppings such as fruit, nuts, peanut butter, and chocolate chips.


*As is always the case at all non-exclusively vegan restaurants, there is always the chance of cross-contamination. I will leave this to your discretion as to whether this is something you are comfortable with or not.


*Also, some items may contain sugar – the source of the sugar has not been verified as to whether it has been processed with bone char or not. I will leave that to your discretion as to whether this is something you are comfortable with or not.

Summary Table – 9 Best Vegan Food and Drink Orders at Freddy’s

Below is a summary table of my picks for the 9 best vegan food and drink orders at Freddy’s. I tried to include a selection of menu items from entrees to drinks, and (most importantly) desserts.

9 Best Vegan Food and Drink Orders at Freddy’s
Veggie burger without cheese and thousand island
Shoestring fries
Baked Lays original
Apple sauce
Root beer
Iced tea
Fruit and nut bowl
        Peanut chocolate banana bowl

9 Best Vegan Food and Drink Orders at Freddy's - Frozen custard and steakburgers

9 Best Vegan Food and Drink Orders at Freddy’s – Item by Item

In this section, I will go through all of the nine listed picks for the best vegan food and drink orders at Freddy’s. For each entry, I put in an *asterisk* any specific instructions when ordering vegan.

1. Veggie Burger

*Order without cheese

*Order without thousand island dressing

First up, the only vegan entree at Freddy’s (at least they have one) – the veggie burger! The veggie burger at Freddy’s is vegan if ordered without cheese and the thousand island dressing. You will end up with a black bean burger with lettuce, tomato, and onion in a hamburger bap.


2. Shoestring Fries

Next up – the main vegan side at Freddy’s – their shoestring fries. The shoestring fries at Freddy’s have a vegan ingredient list and are cooked in vegetable-based oil. However, as is the case with many non-vegan restaurants, the fries are cooked in the same fryer as non-vegan items.

I will leave it to your discretion as to whether you are comfortable with this or not.

3. Baked Lays Original

Another savory side option at Freddy’s is a bag of baked Lays originals chips.

4. Apple Sauce

A sweeter vegan side option at Freddy’s is apple sauce. Hey, at least it contributes towards your fruit and veggies for the day.

5. Soda

We have established how to order a vegan entree at Freddy’s, as well as a few vegan sides. But what vegan drink can you have with your vegan meal? Well, like all good fast food chains Freddy’s have sodas available such as:

  • Pepsi
  • Diet Pepsi
  • Dr. Pepper
  • Diet Dr. Pepper
  • Mountain Dew
  • Diet Mountain Dew.

Just note that some varieties of Mountain Dew contain artificial colors (artificial colors are tested on animals). You can read more about whether soda is always vegan here:

6. Root Beer

Freddy’s also has root beer available. The root beer they have available is Mugs root beer (which is vegan). You can read more about whether root beer is always vegan here – Is Root Beer Vegan? The Secret Hidden Root Cause.

7. Iced Tea

Ah, iced tea – that delicious refreshing afternoon pick-me-up. There are several varieties of iced tea available at Freddy’s including the following:

  • Luzianne unsweetened iced tea
  • Luzianne sweet iced tea
  • Lipton brisk raspberry
  • Lipton brisk peach

If you are a vegan who tries to avoid any sugar that could have been processed with bone char, then I would go with the unsweetened Luzianne iced tea.

8. Fruit and Nut Bowl

Ok, so next up is a potential vegan dessert option at Freddy’s. Now, Freddy’s is obviously known for their frozen custards (I mean it’s in their name).

Freddy’s unfortunately does not have a vegan frozen custard or frozen dessert. However, they do have a range of vegan toppings that could be combined into something dessert-like.

Vegan Toppings at Freddy’s
Cake Cone
Waffle Cone
Banana Syrup
Cherry Topping
Chocolate chips
Chocolate Syrup
Coffee Flavoring
Macadamia Nuts
Malt Syrup
Mint Syrup
Peanut Butter
Pineapple Topping
Strawberry Topping
Toasted coconut
Oreo Wafer
Whipped Topping

Looking at all of these toppings I will now present you with, what I think are, the two best topping combos.

Fruit and Nut Bowl

You could see if your friendly Freddy’s server will combine some fruit and nut toppings in a bowl to make a delicious fruit and nut bowl. Combine fruit (banana, cherry, strawberry, and/or pineapple toppings) with your choice of nuts (almonds, cashews, macadamia, peanuts, and/or pecans). Maybe even top it with some toasted coconut.

9. Peanut Chocolate Banana Bowl

Another epic vegan topping bowl at Freddy’s could be a peanut chocolate banana bowl. This bowl would consist of bananas with peanut butter, peanuts, chocolate chips, and Oreos.

All the banana, chocolate, and peanut vibes you could ever want (plus some crunch). You could even top it off with some whipped topping (yes, the whipped topping at Freddy’s is dairy free – just make sure not to confuse it with the whipped cream which contains dairy).

Oh, and if you are wondering if Oreos are vegan (they are) you can read my post 12 Best Vegan Oreo Alternatives.

9 Best Vegan Food and Drink Orders at Freddy's - Final Sip

9 Best Vegan Food and Drink Orders at Freddy’s – The Final Sip

Best vegan food and drink orders at Freddy’s. How vegan-friendly is Freddy’s? Well, whilst your options for vegan entrees are a little limited you still have the option to order a veggie burger and fries at Freddy’s. As I mentioned above just make sure to check that the patty is vegan as this varies in some locations such as Texas. As for dessert, well, whilst you won’t be able to have any frozen custard – with a little imagination you can turn the toppings bar into a dessert-creating machine limited only by your imagination. Just go crazy with the toppings and create a little toppings dessert bowl.

Is my food vegan

…now you know.

Ingredients and/or manufacturing processes involved in food and drink items may change. Always double-check ingredients and nutritional information before purchasing any food items.

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