Vegan Drinks at Jamba Juice – How To Always Order Vegan Smoothies

Vegan Drinks at Jamba Juice – let the Jamba see the Juice. Okay, I literally have no idea what that means, but I like the way it sounds. Today, we are going to talk about smoothies. Yes, smoothies -those drinks made of blended pieces of fruit, because let’s face it who doesn’t love smoothies? Who? Specifically, who doesn’t love Jamba Juice? Jamba Juice is one of the most popular smoothie chains with around 864 stores in the USA. Originally, called “Juice Club” Jamba Juice changed in 1995 to include “Jamba” which is a play on the African word Jama which means “to celebrate”. Yes, that is great and all, but will Jamba Juice leave your vegan self celebrating its menu items? It’s time to find out what exactly are the Vegan Drinks at Jamba Juice in this Vegan Bev HQ complete breakdown of the Jamba Juice menu.

What Drinks are Vegan At Jamba Juice?

As a general rule, all drinks at Jamba Juice are vegan as-is or can be made vegan. The Sherbets, Greek Yogurt, Frozen Yogurt, and Milk are not vegan but can be substituted for oat milk frozen dessert, or plant-based milk. The main Jamba Juice smoothie ranges that need substitutions to be vegan are the classic and super blend ranges.

Vegan Drinks at Jamba Juice - Cup

Jamba Juice Vegan Drinks – What You NEED To Know

Some of Jamba Juice’s smoothies (mainly the classics and super blends) contain milk, Greek yogurt, frozen yogurt, or sherbets. This raises a host of potential questions to which as a vegan you need to know the answer to. These are as follows:

Do Jamba Juice’s Sherbets Contain Dairy?

All four Jamba Juice sherbet drinks (pineapple, orange, lime, and raspberry) contain dairy and are not vegan.

Does Jamba Juice Have Milk Alternatives? 

Jamba Juice offers four milk alternatives – soy, oat, vanilla coconut, and unsweetened coconut milk.

What Oat milk Does Jamba Juice Use?

Jamba Juice uses Oatly oat milk. Oatly oat milk is certified vegan.

What is The Oat Milk Frozen Dessert at Jamba Juice?

Jamba Juice now offers So Delicious oat milk frozen dessert as a vegan alternative to their frozen yogurt and sherbets. So Delicious oat milk frozen dessert is certified vegan. Note this is different from the Oatly used oat milk which can be used to replace milk used in any Jamba Juice drink.

Is Jamba Juice Pumpkin Smash Vegan?

At the time of writing it is Fall, which means everyone has one thing on their mind…pumpkin spice. As of 2020, Jamba Juice started offering its popular pumpkin blast in a plant-based version. It is vegan.

What Are The Ingredients of the Jamba Juice Pumpkin Smash?

This Jamba Juice Pumpkin Smash plant-based is made from Oatly oat milk, So Delicious oat milk frozen dessert, and Jamba Juices pumpkin spice flavor base. When you order make sure to specify that you want the plant-based version.

Caution – the pumpkin spice flavor base contains sugar. As is always the case with sugar that isn’t marked as organic or raw you don’t know if it was processed with bone char or not. This can be an issue for some vegans and not an issue for others.

If you would like to read more about whether the pumpkin spice lattes at coffee chains are vegan, you can here: Is Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte Vegan – The Amazing Truth.

Does Jamba Juice Have a Vegan Protein?

Jamba Juice offers a vegan soy protein isolate and a vegan pea protein which can be added to your smoothie. These can both be requested instead of the whey protein concentrate used which contains dairy.

Vegan Drinks at Jamba Juice – Menu Break Down

Vegan Drinks at Jamba Juice - Green Smoothie

Now we have those niggling questions out of the way let’s dig into Jamba Juice’s menu.

Are the Fresh Juices and Shots at Jamba Juice Vegan?

All the fresh juices and shots at Jamba Juice are vegan. Freshly squeezed juice is almost always vegan. Bottled juice isn’t always vegan though (yeah, surprising right!) – you can read more about it here: Is Orange Juice Vegan? Revealing Why You Need To Know.

Vegan Juices and Shots at Jamba Juice
Purely Carrot
Cucumber Orange Cooler
Great Greens
Whirl’d Famous Orange Carrot Twist
Orange Supreme
Veggie Vitality
Purely Orange
Ginger Lemon Cayenne Shot
Ginger Orange Cayenne Shot
Whirl’s Famous Wheat Grass

Vegan Drinks at Jamba Juice – Iced Drinks

Are you coming to Jamba Juice for your caffeine hit? If so, I have great news for you – all four iced “coffee” drinks are vegan as-is. That is what I like to hear. The iced drinks are also sweetened with agave, so you don’t need to worry about bone char and the sweet cloud whip is made from coconut milk – so neither of these has any non-vegan concerns. This is exciting news – being able to get any kind of vegan whipped drink topping is super, super rare. Makes it a reason to go to Jamba Juice alone.

Vegan Iced Drinks at Jamba Juice
Gotcha Mocha
Gotcha Matcha with Sweet Cloud Whip
Bold n Cold Brew
Bold n Cold Brew with Sweet Cloud Whip

If you would like to read more about whether all tea and coffee are vegan, you can here: Is Tea Vegan? Time To Know The Complete Facts and Is Coffee Vegan? How To Find Out The Truth.

Which Jamba Juice Smoothies are Vegan?

Now we get to what Jamba Juice is known for – their smoothies.

Jamba Juices smoothies are divided into 4 categories: – classic, plant-based, super blends, and kids. The main non-vegan ingredients are sherbets, frozen yogurt, dairy milk, chocolate Moo’d dairy base, and Greek Yogurt.

You can ask your Jamba server to substitute these non-vegan ingredients for plant-based milk. An even better idea (in my opinion) is substituting the non-vegan ingredients for the oat milk frozen dessert they now carry to make it super creamy.

Classic Jamba Juice Smoothies

None of the classic Jamba Juice smoothies are vegan as-is – they all must have substitutions made to be vegan. If you are a chocolate smoothie fan I have some bad news for you – a chocolate smoothie is the only smoothie at Jamba Juice that cannot be vegan-ized.

How To make Jamba Juice Classic Smoothies Vegan

Pumpkin Smash – Not Vegan. Order the Plant-Based Pumpkin Smash instead (see below for more details)

Watermelon Breeze – substitute raspberry sherbert for a vegan alternative

Aloha Pineapple – substitute Greek Yogurt and pineapple sherbet for a vegan alternative

Caribbean Passion – substitute orange sherbert for a vegan alternative

Whirl’d Famous Mango a Go-Go – substitute pineapple sherbet for a vegan alternative

Orange Dream Machine – substitute orange sherbert and vanilla frozen yogurt for a vegan alternative

Peanut Butter Moo’d – substitute frozen yogurt and chocolate moo’d dairy base for a vegan alternative. It would lose the chocolate element but it would still be a creamy banana peanut butter smoothie

Razzmatazz – substitute orange sherbert for a vegan alternative

Strawberry Surf Rider – substitute lime sherbert for a vegan alternative. Also, note it does contain lemonade which contains sugar (possibly an issue for strict vegans due to the potential of being processed with bone char)

Whirl’d Famous Strawberries Wild – substitute frozen yogurt for a vegan alternative.

White Gummi – this is the hardest classic smoothie to vegan-ize as it contains pineapple sherbet, lime sherbet, orange sherbet, and raspberry sherbet. Best to avoid this smoothie.

Vegan Drinks at Jamba Juice – Plant-Based Smoothies

In comparison to the classic smoothies, the plant-based Jamba smoothies are all vegan as-is (not unsurprising given they are called plant-based).

Plant-Based Jamba Juice Smoothies
Pumpkin Smash Plant-Based
Summer Blackberry
Whirl’d Famous Apple n Greens
Vanilla Blue Sky
Greens n Ginger* note it does contain lemonade which contains sugar
Mega Mango
Peach Perfection
Whirl’d Famous Pomegranate Paradise
Smooth Talking Mango
Strawberry Whirl

Best Plant-Based Smoothie At Jamba Juice

The Mega Mango Plant Based Smoothie at Jamba is very popular – the Mango Mango smoothie is a fruity mix of orange juice, pineapple juice, mangos, and strawberries.

Vegan Drinks at Jamba Juice – Super Blend Smoothies

The below table summarizes what you must substitute for the Super Blend smoothies. The main ingredients of concern are sherbets, frozen yogurt, and the use of whey. Relevant substitutions for vegan ingredients should be possible for all.

Vegan Super Blend Jamba Juice Smoothies

Whirl’d Famous Acai Super-Antioxidant – substitute raspberry sherbert for a vegan alternative

Matcha Green Tea Blast – substitute frozen yogurt for a vegan alternative

Orange C-Booster – substitute orange sherbert for a vegan alternative

PB and Banana Protein (pea)- substitute dairy milk for vegan milk and substitute honey for agave

PB and Banana Protein (whey) – Not vegan. see above for the version that can be made vegan

Protein Berry Workout (pea)* Note the Jamba Juice website lists the ingredients as containing whey protein boost and no pea protein. I am sure this is just a typo but just make sure to clarify with your server that you do not want any whey protein

Protein Berry Workout (whey) – not vegan. Order pea protein version above

Vegan Drinks at Jamba Juice – Kids Smoothies

There are just two kids’ smoothies on the Jamba Juice menu and they are both vegan as-is.

Vegan Kids Jamba Juice Smoothies
Blueberry Strawberry Blast Off
Strawberries Gone Bananas

Vegan Drinks at Jamba Juice – Which Boosts are Vegan?

If you are adding boosts into your smoothie most of them are vegan. Just make sure to avoid the following non-vegan Jamba Juice boosts.

Vegan Jamba Juice BoostsNon-Vegan Jamba Juice Boosts
Daily Vitamin ZincWhey Protein Concentrate
3G EnergyNon-Fat Greek Yogurt
Soy Protein IsolateFat-Free Vanilla Frozen Yogurt
Peanut ButterLime Sherbet
GingerRaspberry Sherbet
Matcha Green TeaPineapple Sherbet
Blue SpirulinaOrange Sherbet
Pea Protein
Orange Boba*
Strawberry Boba*
Tapioca Boba Boost*
Frozen Oat Milk Dessert

*Boba is made with tapioca, not gelatin so is always vegetarian. A lot of boba is sweetened with sugar (which could have been processed with bone char). If you are a vegan who avoids sugar, then it is advisable not to add boba into your drink. If you would like to read more about whether boba is vegan, you can here: How To Find Out – Is Boba Vegan?

What are the Best Vegan Jamba Juice Drinks?

Do you want to know what the best vegan Jamba Juice drinks are? Here are five of the best vegan Jamba juice drinks (obviously based on my personal preference):

  • Great Greens Juice – freshly juiced lemon, cucumber, apples, and fresh spinach.
  • Gotcha matcha with sweet cloud whip – green tea, agave, and coconut milk sweet cloud whip foam.
  • Mega mango – a fruity delight of orange juice, pineapple juice, mangos, and strawberries
  • Whir’d Famous Strawberries Wild – substitute frozen yogurt with oat milk frozen dessert. A creamy strawberry, banana, apple, and pear delight.
  • PB and Banana Protein (pea) – substitute dairy milk for oat frozen dessert and substitute honey for agave. The result – is a sweet banana and peanut butter smoothie which is high in protein!

Vegan Drinks at Jamba Juice - Carrot Smoothie

Vegan Drinks at Jamba Juice – The Final Sip

Vegan Drinks at Jamba Juice – I mean what were you expecting. It is a juice chain – even they can’t make fruit not vegan. Oh wait, no they can – just add dairy. That is probably being a little harsh because almost any of the smoothies at Jamba Juice can be made vegan with some dairy milk substitutions. Except for the chocolate – if a Jamba Juice worker reads this – Pretty Please Get a Vegan Chocolate Milk – Please. Other than that Jamba Juice is a pretty vegan-friendly chain and one I personally enjoy going to – even if my go-to juice is always their Purely Carrot juice (I know I am weird, but I love carrot juice).

Vegan Drinks at Jamba Juice

…now you know

Beverage makers may change ingredients and/or manufacturing processes. Always double-check ingredients before purchasing any beverages.

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