Vegan Drinks at PJ’s Coffee

Vegan drinks at PJ’s Coffee. In this post, I am going to be sharing all the vegan drink options available from PJ’s coffee as well as answering some Frequently Asked Questions when it comes to vegan drinks at PJ’s. This New Orleans Style coffee chain offers a host of interesting signature coffee styles such as the traditional Café Au Lait, but how vegan-friendly is PJ’s Coffee, and what exactly is vegan on its menu? Let’s find out.

What are the Vegan Drinks at PJ’s Coffee

As a general rule, there is a great selection of vegan drinks at PJ’s Coffee. There are vegan drinks that can be ordered with no substitutions such as Nitro, Espresso, Americano, Tea, and Cold Brew Coffees. PJ’s Coffee also has soy, coconut, oat, and almond milk available as non-dairy milk, so many drinks can be ordered vegan by substituting dairy milk for non-dairy milk.

Summary Table – Vegan Drinks at PJ’s Coffee

Below is a summary table of the best vegan drinks available from PJ’s coffee.

Best Vegan Drinks at PJ’s Coffee
Almond Milk Café Au Lait
Oat Milk Skinny Vanilla Latte
Coconut Milk Cafe Latte (Hot or Iced)
Soy Milk Cappuccino
Almond Milk Macchiato
Original Cold Brew (With Oat Milk)
Hot Tea

Before I continue let’s look at what non-dairy kinds of milk are available at PJ’s.

Non-Dairy Milk Available at PJ’s Coffee

PJ’s Coffee has four (4) non-dairy milk to choose from. The options are oat milk, almond milk, soy milk, and coconut milk.

Does PJ’s Coffee Have Oat Milk?

PJ’s Coffee has oat milk available as a non-dairy milk alternative.

Does PJ’s Coffee Have Almond Milk?

PJ’s Coffee has Almond milk available as a non-dairy milk alternative.

Some Disclaimers

A quick disclaimer. As is always the case at all non-exclusively vegan restaurants and cafes, there is the potential for cross-contamination. I will leave that to your discretion as to whether that is an issue or not.

Let’s dig in – what are the best vegan drinks at PJ’s Coffee?

10 Best Vegan Drinks at PJ’s Coffee

1. Nitro

The nitro coffee at PJ’s Coffee is original cold brew iced coffee infused with nitrogen gas. The result is a creamy coffee with a stout-like head. Yummy foamy coffee goodness.

2. Almond Milk Café Au Lait

*Substitute dairy milk for almond milk*

A Café Au Lait is a specialty of New Orleans and one PJ’s Coffee fully honors. PJ’s Coffee makes their Café Au Lait with PJ’s signature coffee and a generous splash of steamed milk. Make sure to order yours with almond milk (or whatever dairy-free milk you desire) to ensure your PJ’s  Café Au Lait is vegan.

3. Oat Milk Skinny Vanilla Latte

*Substitute dairy milk for oat milk*

This would probably be my vegan drink of choice at PJ’s Coffee. PJ’s skinny latte consists of hot espresso sweetened with sugar-free vanilla syrup topped with steamed milk and a dollop of froth.

Make sure to order yours with oat milk (or whatever dairy-free milk is your favorite) for a vanilla vegan delight. I also love the fact that this drink contains sugar-free vanilla syrup, so you don’t need to worry about bone char.

4. Coconut Milk Cafe Latte (Hot or Iced)

*Substitute dairy milk for coconut milk*

The cafe latte at PJ’s Coffee consists of “rich shots of Espresso Dolce combined with steamed milk and topped with a layer of thick foam”.

When ordering yours make sure to order with coconut milk rather than dairy for some coconut vegan latte vibes. If you want your PJ’s latte to be not only vegan but refreshing, then you can order your coconut latte iced.

If cozy vibes are more your thing, then order yours hot. The drink works both ways.

5. Soy Milk Cappuccino

*Substitute dairy milk for soy milk*

If you are all about froth, then make sure to order a dairy-free cappuccino next time you are at PJ’s Coffee. PJ’s cappuccino is made with equal parts espresso and steamed milk with a “crown of froth”. I love a soy cappuccino – but you can order yours with whatever dairy milk is your preference.

6. Espresso

Espresso is the original vegan short caffeine hit. At PJ’s Coffee pressurized water is used to “extract the rich essence of finely ground Espresso Dolce”. Simple, classic, and always vegan (except for one very rare exception which you learn about in my post: Is Coffee Vegan? How To Tell The Truth?).

7. Americano

An Americano is a great vegan drink to order at a coffee shop. PJ’s Coffee is no exception. PJ’s Americano is made with equal measures of espresso and hot water which “creates a strong and flavorful coffee that has an all-American appeal”. Order as-is – with no substitutions (unless you want to add a dash of non-dairy milk for creaminess).

8. Almond Milk Macchiato

*Substitute dairy milk for almond milk*

A macchiato is made with espresso with a dollop of foamed milk on top. Make sure to order yours with almond milk for the ultimate vegan drink.

9. Original Cold Brew (With Oat Milk)

Next time you are at PJ’s Coffee and want a cooling strong coffee hit then definitely order a cold brew.

Did you know that cold brew coffee contains more caffeine than iced coffee. Order your PJ’s Coffee cold brew with a dash of oat milk for the ultimate vegan refreshing caffeine hit.

10. Hot Tea

If a cozy warming vegan drink is what you want when visiting PJ’s Coffee, then make sure to order a hot tea. PJ’s Coffee has an assortment of Numi teas on offer – they are all premium, hand-picked Organic, and fair trade. All the teas are vegan as-is. If you want to add milk, just make sure to opt for a plant-based option available.

Vegan Drinks at PJ's Coffee - The Final Sip

The Final Sip – Vegan Drinks at PJ’s Coffee

Vegan Drinks at PJ’s Coffee. How vegan-friendly is PJ’s Coffee? Well, when it comes to vegan drink options there is a good selection for vegans. Most are what you expect to find at any decent coffee store – most often involving substituting dairy milk for a plant-based alternative. What is really special about PJ’s Coffee is that as a vegan you are still able to order their Café Au Lait – just make sure to substitute with Almond Milk instead.

Best Vegan Milks for Frothing

…Now I Know.

Beverage makers may change ingredients and/or manufacturing processes. Always double-check ingredients before purchasing any beverages.

Please Drink Responsibly.

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