Vegan Wines at ALDI You Need To Know About

Vegan Wines at ALDI – yep, it is time to talk about that German grocery chain across the world that makes you bag all your items on a little shelf after you pay for them and seems to be the only grocery chain in Southern California that requires a quarter to get a cart. Despite all this ALDI has an amazing selection of Vegan Wines. Think you can guess how many. Did you guess 97? Because if you, did you would have been spot on. That’s right ALDI (at the time of writing) has 97 vegan wines and best of all they helpfully list them all on their website. Could this day get any better? Okay, now for the bad news. The selection I found came from the ALDI UK website. I list all the vegan wines currently available at ALDI UK in this post (btw this is the most vegan wines at one grocery store I have ever come across at Vegan Bev HQ).

Vegan Wines at ALDI

There are many vegan wines available at ALDI UK – from dry white wines to light to medium to full-bodied red wines to dry rose wines to vegan champagnes. There is a vegan wine to suit any palate at ALDI UK. ALDI US has one red wine which has been confirmed to be vegan.

Why is Wine Not Vegan?

If you would like a detailed explanation of why most wine is not vegan, I recommend reading my blog post Why Is Wine Not Vegan – What You Need To Know which goes into detail on the winemaking process and non-vegan issues.

To give you the short answer, most wines are not vegan due to the use of non-vegan fining agents during the clarification process at the end of fermentation. Fining agents are used to clump together unwanted molecules of yeast, excess tannins, etc to help make them easier to remove from the wine. The issue is that the most common fining agents used in this process are not vegan. Examples include Isinglass (dried fish bladders), Egg albumin, or Milk Proteins.

There are vegan fining agents available, however, they are not as widely used as the non-vegan versions. Furthermore, wine labels are not required to list ingredients or fining agents used. This can make it particularly hard to work out if the bottle of wine you are holding is vegan or not.

That is why at Vegan Bev HQ we like to put together these vegan wine lists to help you be able to pick up a vegan bottle of wine every time.

Vegan Wines at ALDI – How to Use This Article

To make this post as helpful as possible I have divided these vegan wines into four tables – for white, red, rose, and bubbles. I have also listed each wine’s grape and style so you can pick a wine that is right for you.

Vegan Wines at ALDI – WHITE WINE

ALDI UK has an incredible selection of vegan white wines from Sauvignon Blanc to Chardonnay to Soave to Pinot Grigio, just to mention a few of the grapes available. Most of these vegan white wines are dry, although there are also some off-dry vegan white wines available too.

Vegan Wine at ALDI UKGrapeStyle
Cambalala Sauvignon Blanc                Sauvignon BlancDry
Cambalala South African ChardonnayChardonnayDry
Castellore Italian VerdicchioVerdicchioDry
Mimo Moutinho Portuguese LoureiroLoureiroDry
Specially Selected Italian SoaveGarganegaDry
Specially Selected Viognier MarsanneViognier and MarsanneOff Dry
Filos Estate Greek AssyrtikoAssyrtikoDry
Cambalala South African Chenin BlancChenin BlancDry
Winemaster’s Lot Pouilly-FumeSauvignon BlancDry
Specially Selected Macon-VillagesChardonnayDry
Freeman’s Bay Sauvignon BlancSauvignon BlancDry
Beachfront Californian ChardonnayChardonnayDry
Specially Selected French RousanneRousanne & ViognierDry
Pierre Jaurant French VermentinoVermentinoDry
Specially Selected Gruner VeltlinerGruner VeltinerDry
Specially Selected French LimouxChardonnayDry
Specially Selected Alsace Pinot GrisPinot GrisMedium
Muscadet Sevre et Maine Sur LieMelon BourgogneDry
Mimo Moutinho Portuguese Vinho VerdeBlendDry
Pierre Jaurant French Pinot GrisPinot GrisOff Dry
Castellore Italian VermentinoVermentinoDry
Estevez Chilean Pinot GrigioPinot GrigioDry
Oregon White Pinot NoirPinot NoirDry
Specially Selected Rioja BlancoTempranilloDry
Mimo Moutinho Portuguese White DaoMalvasia Fina BlendDry
Mimo Moutinho Portuguese White DouroMoscatel Galego BlendDry
Specially Selected French JuranconJuranconDry
Specially Selected Italian LuganaTurbianaDry
Specially Selected Greco Di TufoGreco Di TufoDry
Specially Selected Cotes du JuraChardonnayDry
Castellore Italian GrilloGrilloDry
Buenas Vides Argentinian Sauvignon BlancSauvignon BlancDry
Costellore Proccini Sparkling WineGleraExtra Dry
Winemaster’s Lot Vacqueyras BlancGrenache Blanc, Clairette and BlendsDry
Specially Selected Swiss FendantFendantOff Dry
Specially Selected Saint-VeranChardonnayDry
Chablis Premier CruChardonnayDry
Dealuri Romanian Feteasca RegalaFeteasca RegalaOff Dry
Castellore Italian PecorinoPecorinoDry
Specially Selected ChardonnayChardonnayDry
Pierre Jaurant Cotes du Rhone BlancClairette BlendDry
Pierre Jaurant French ChardonnayChardonnayDry

Vegan Wines at ALDI – RED WINE

ALDI UK has an amazing selection of vegan red wines, from Malbec to Pinot Noir to Shiraz to Merlot to name a few grapes. Most of these vegan red wines are medium-bodied, medium to full-bodied, or full-bodied.

Vegan Wine at ALDI UKGrapeStyle
Vincent Faria Portuguese DouroBlendMedium to full bodied
Costieres de Nimes60% Syrah, 25% Grenache & 15% CarignanMedium to full bodied
Specially Selected French MarselanMarselanMedium bodied
Specially Selected Labanese RedCabernet Sauvignon BlendFull bodied
Specially Selected French GSMGrenache Noir, Syrah, MourvedreMedium bodied
Chassaux et Fils Cotes du RhoneGrenache BlendMedium to full bodied
Specially Selected Crozes-HermitageSyrahMedium-bodied
Winemaster’s Lot AmaroneCorvina, Rondinella & BlendsFull-bodied
Winemaster’s Lot Chateauneuf-du-PapeGrenache & MourvedreFull-bodied
Pierre Jaurant Languedoc RougeSyrah BlendMedium to full bodied
Cambalala South African MalbecMalbecMedium to full bodied
Pierre Jaurant French MerlotMerlotMedium to full bodied
Specially Selected Pinot NoirPinot NoirLight to medium bodied
Mimo Moutinho Portuguese DaoTouriga NacionalMedium to full bodied
Castellore Italian PrimitivoPrimitivoMedium bodied
Cambalala South African ShirazShirazMedium to full bodied
Specially Selected Ribera Del DueroRibera del DueroMedium to full bodied
Pierre Jaurant French Grenache NoirGrenache NoirMedium bodied
Buenas Vides Argentinian MalbecMalbecMedium bodied
Beachfront Californian ShirazShirazFull bodied
Castellore Italian FrappatoFrappatoMedium bodied
Toro Loco Spanish Bobal MerlotBobal BlendMedium bodied
Specially Selected French MinervoisSyrah BlendFull bodied
Pierre Jaurant French FitouCarignan, Grenache, SyrahMedium to full bodied
Buenas Vides Organic MalbecMalbecFull bodied
Specially Selected Lebanese RedCabernet Sauvignon BlendFull bodied
Cambalala South African PinotagePinotageMedium to full bodied
Specially Selected French CairanneGrenache BlendFull bodied
Specially Selected Maremma ToscanaSangiovese BlendMedium to full bodied
Buenas Vides Argentinian MerlotMerlotMedium to full bodied
Estevez Chilean Sangiovese ReservaSangioveseMedium to full bodied
Specially Selected English RedPinot NoirMedium bodied
Valle Hermoso Chiliean PaisPais & CarignanMedium bodied
Specially Selected VacqueyrasGrenache, Syrah & BlendsFull bodied

Vegan Wines at ALDI – ROSE

ALDI UK has a great selection of vegan rose wines from Tempranillo to blends to Grenache to name a few grapes. Most of these vegan rose wines are dry but there are also some that are off-dry and medium.

Vegan WineGrapeStyle
Cambalala Pinotage RosePinotageDry
French Cotes De Gascogne RoseMalbec, Cabernet, MerlotDry
Specially Selected Organic RoseCabernet Sauvignon BlendDry
Pierre Jaurant Carcassonne RoseBlendDry
La Pergola RoseTempranilloDry
Specially Selected Ventoux RoseGrenache & SyrahDry
Pays d’Herault RoseCinsault, Grenache, MuscatDry
Mimo Moutinho Vinho Verde RoseBlendOff Dry
Specially Selected Languedoc RoseGrenache & Syrah BlendDry
Specially Selected Pays d’Oc RoseBlendDry
Dealuri Romanian RoseCabernet Sauvignon BlendMedium
Specially Selected Tuscan RoseSangiovese, Merlot & SyrahOff Dry
Specially Selected French Vegan RoseGrenacheDry
Cotes du Rhone RoseGrenache, Syra & MourvedreDry
Specially Selected Rose d’AnjouGrolleau & Gamay BlendMedium
Veuve Monsigny Champagne RoseBlendDry

Vegan Bubbles at ALDI UK

ALDI UK has a vegan vintage cava as well as a vegan organic champagne in store. ALDI UK also stocks a Veuve Monsigny Champagne Rose and a Costellore Proccini Sparkling Wine which are both listed above.

Vegan Bubbles at ALDI UKGrapeStyle
Contevedo Vintage CavaXarel, Macabeo and BlendsDry
Philizot et Filz Organic ChampagnePino NoirBrut

Vegan Wines at ALDI US

We have established that ALDI UK has an incredible selection of vegan wines. How about ALDI US? Well, the selection at ALDI US isn’t as wide. I looked up all the wines listed on the ALDI US website on (an amazing resource for checking if alcohol is vegan) and I could only confirm one red wine on offer is vegan.

That doesn’t mean that there are no other vegan wines at ALDI US – it just means we cannot confirm if any of the other wines are also vegan.

The ALDI UK website has an amazing filter where you can filter vegan wines. The ALDI US website doesn’t have this feature – but maybe it will come soon – fingers crossed. To be honest, my favorite wine is red so I am more than happy that I can grab a decent vegan red wine next time I pick up some groceries at ALDI.

If you are interested in the vegan ALDI US red wine, you can order it online through Instacart by clicking here.

Vegan Wine at ALDI USGrapeStyle
Intermingle California Red WineZinfandel, Merlot and Cabernet SauvignonFull bodied

Is Winking Owl Wine Vegan?

In case you are wondering, no Winking Owl wine at ALDI US (that super affordable wine with a cute winkling owl on the front) is not vegan.

Vegan Wines at ALDI - The Final Sip

Vegan Wine at ALDI – The Final Sip

Ninety-Seven. That’s a nine and a seven. In all my time writing at Vegan Bev HQ I have never come across a grocery store that offers such a wide selection of vegan wine. This goes for huge liquor stores like BevMo and even Whole Foods Market. I am not sure why the UK ALDI has such a great selection of vegan wines, but whoever is in charge clearly needs to get a promotion of some kind. We salute you kind ALDI UK wine buyer. We Salute You. In fact, I can even ignore the fact that I must pay a quarter for a trolley and pack all my grocery shopping on a tiny shelf after checkout. Just get a bigger selection over to Southern California, please.

Vegan Wines at Aldi

…now you know.

Beverage makers may change ingredients and/or manufacturing processes. Always double-check ingredients before purchasing any beverages.

Please Drink Responsibly.

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