What Mixers Are Vegan? The Best Vegan Cocktail Mixers

Vegan Cocktail Mixers – yes, that is right in today’s post we are going to be talking about everything you need to know about mixers (and specifically what mixers are and are not vegan). When it comes to cocktails so many of us focus on the liquor which goes into the drink, but mixers really are the unsung heroes of cocktail drinks. They are the thing that takes your drink from just being a shot of alcohol to being a cocktail. Best of all – mixers are ready-made for you to just pour in and enjoy. But, are mixers vegan? And, most importantly what pre-made mixers can I use if I am vegan? Well, that is exactly what I am going to share with you. My list of non-vegan things you need to watch out for in mixers and a breakdown of the best vegan mixers for various cocktails (including the Bloody Mary, Margarita, Mai Tai, Mule drinks, Sours, Martini, and Pina Colada). To start we need to answer the most important question – what mixers are vegan?

What Mixers Are Vegan?

As a general rule, many cocktail mixers are vegan as-is. The main non-vegan ingredients to watch out for are anchovies in Bloody Mary mixers, dried egg and milk in powdered mixers, and non-vegan sugar in mixers. There is, however, a vegan mixer available for virtually any cocktail.

What Mixers Are Not Vegan?

In my experience, there are a few main non-vegan ingredients to watch out for when picking out a mixer. These are as follows:

Fish in Bloody Mary Mixers

A lot of Bloody Mary mixers (but not all) contain anchovies. This comes from the traditional use of Worcestershire sauce in the drink. However, there are now a lot of vegan Bloody Mary mixers available to buy (as well as vegan Worcestershire sauces if you fancy whipping one up from scratch). You can read more about them here – Vegan Bloody Mary – Everything You Need To Know To Make The Best Vegan Bloody Mary.

Milk and Egg in Powdered Mixers

Some powdered mixers can contain dried milk or egg so watch out for that.

For example, there is non-fat dried milk in the following Fee Brothers dried cocktails mixes:

  • Daiquiri
  • Frothy Mixer
  • Lime Rickey
  • Margarita
  • Post Mix Margarita
  • Post Mix Sour
  • Swee-Tart
  • Whiskey Sour

Bar-Tenders Instant Whiskey Sour Cocktail Mix also contains egg whites, so again something to watch out for.

Bone Char Processed Sugar

If you are a strict vegan living in the USA then sugar processed with bone char may be something to also watch out for when picking a cocktail. Some sugar is processed with bone char to give it the white color. This is especially the case here in the US. If you want a non-bone char processed sugar look for beet, raw, or organic sugar. These will not have been processed with bone char.

Now I have touched on some of the main non-vegan ingredients to watch out for when picking a mixer, let’s dig right into my top ten vegan mixers. They can all be bought on Amazon and are all listed as “vegan” in the Amazon listing. I have shared links to Amazon where relevant if you wanted to find the drinks.

Vegan Mixers – My Recommendations

1. Best Vegan Margarita Mixer – SPLASH

To start the list, I wanted to start with one of the most common cocktail mixers – the Margarita Mixer. As someone who lives in California, a margarita is one of my favorite drinks and, to be honest, one of the best and quickest ways to make one is to mix tequila with a pre-made margarita mixer.

To make sure you have the best selection possible, I included three different margarita mixer options on the list.

The first entry is a straight margarita mix (if you like your Marg OG) from SPLASH.

SPLASH margarita is marked as vegan on the bottle – just note it is just the margarita mix in their range that is vegan. It is also low in sugar and has only 25 calories per serving.

This margarita mix is made with lime and organic blue agave. You can treat yourself to a bottle from Amazon here.

If you want to know what tequila to mix this with check out the following two posts where I covered everything you need to know about Tequila – Is Tequila Vegan? How To Really Pick Vegan Tequila and 10 Vegan Tequila Brands – Vegan Tequila Brands You Need To Know.

2. Best Spicy Margarita Mixer – Top Hat

Prefer your Margarita spicy with a bit of a kick to it? Then this Top Hat Spicey margarita mix may be a vegan match made in heaven for you. Not only is it vegan, keto-friendly, low calorie, and low sugar it is made with three different chilies, organic lime, and agave.

You can try a bottle of Top Hat Spicy margarita mix from Amazon here.

3. Best Pineapple & Jalapeno Margarita Mixer – Bravado Spice Co

What if you are looking for a fruity and spicy combo? Well, this Pineapple & Jalapeno Margarita mixer from Bravado Spice Co may be the option for you. Not only it is vegan, but this Pineapple & Jalapeno mixer is all-natural and proudly made in Texas.

You can buy a bottle from Amazon here.

4. Best Vegan Mai Tai Mixer – BG Reynolds

What is a Mai Tai? A traditional Tiki drink – a Mai Tai is made from Rum, Orange Curacao, fresh lime juice, and orgeat (an almond syrup). This delicious vegan Mai Tai BG Reynolds is made from all of that and it is also vegan. All you need is some vegan rum, and you are all set.

If you are not sure what vegan rum to pick for your Mai Tai then read my post on rum here – Is Rum Vegan? Surprises You Need To Know About In Rum.

You can find this Mai Tai Mixer on Amazon here. BG Reynolds also does a vegan tropical pomegranate zombie punch which may be an alternative option for you as well.

Lastly on all things rum-related, if you want to learn about different rum cocktails you can make at home then see my post – How To Make Vegan Rum Cocktails.

5. Best Vegan Mule Mixer – Craft Mix

I know I mentioned in the intro that powdered mixers can often not be vegan. Well, Craft Mix is a powdered cocktail exception to the rule. Sometimes powered cocktails mixers are just more convenient. They keep for longer, they are easier to store, and if you are traveling or going to a festival, beach, etc they are more convenient.

Craft Mix strawberry mule just needs to be mixed with some vegan vodka and sparkling water. If you want to know what Vodka to use in the mixer, I recommend checking out my post – Is Vodka Vegan? Hidden Surprises To Know About In Vodka.

You can pick up some Craft Mix strawberry mule packets from Amazon here.

If you would like to read about other vegan vodka cocktails you can make up at home, you can here – How To Make Vegan Vodka Cocktails.

6. Best Vegan Bloody Mary Mixer – Toma

I have already written a whole post dedicated to vegan Bloody Mary’s (including mixers, Worcestershire Sauces, and a vegan bloody Mary recipe) which you can see here – Vegan Bloody Mary – Everything You Need To Know To Make The Best Vegan Bloody Mary). But if you just want to whip up a vegan Bloody Mary in two seconds flat then check out Toma Bloody Mary Mix.

This award-winning bloody Mary mixer is “outrageously delicious“. It is proudly crafted in New York with its own sriracha and a chipotle-tomatillo sauce, instead of the traditional hot sauce.

There are three varieties of Toma Bloody Mary mixer – mild, horseradish, and original. You can treat yourself to a bottle of the Original on Amazon here.

7. Best Vegan Sours Mixer – Powell & Mahoney

I have already written a whole post on how to make vegan sour cocktails at home (hint – the key is Aquafaba) – see How To Make Vegan Whiskey, Gin, Amaretto & Pisco Sours.

But what if you don’t fancy faffing about with draining a tin of chickpeas and frothing it in a cocktail shaker. Step in Powell & Mahoney vegan sours mixer, which you can pick up on Amazon here.

This tart and refreshing mixer would go perfectly mixed with a shot of whiskey. Just make sure the whiskey you use is vegan – Is Whiskey Vegan? How To Actually Pick Vegan Whiskey.

8. Best Passion Fruit Martini Mixer – Funkin

Is there any cocktail better than a passion fruit martini? How about a vegan passion fruit martini that takes two seconds to put together? This Funkin passion fruit martini mixer is the perfect mix of sweetness and acidity – all you need to add is vegan vodka (see 10 Vegan Vodka Brands You Need To Know). Plus, it’s a mixer so you can shake or stir it to your heart’s content.

You can try it from Amazon here.

9. Best Dirty Martini Mixer – California Coast Naturals

Do you prefer your martinis dirty rather than fruity? Then this California Coast Naturals dirty martini mixer may be for you. What’s the difference between a regular martini and a dirty martini? A dirty martini has added olive juice brin mixed into the drink.

The result is that this mixer is organic, salty, and made from California olives. Sound like your thing? You can grab a bottle from Amazon here.

If you like your dirty martini made with gin then make sure to read the post I wrote about which gins are vegan (and yes, a traditional Martini is made with Gin, not Vodka) – Is Gin Vegan? How To Really Tell Vegan Gins Apart.

10. Best Vegan Pina Colada Mixer – Kelvin Slush Co

Who doesn’t like a Pina Colada? If this tropical pineapple delight is your thing, then make sure to try this vegan Pina cola mixer by Kelvin Slush Co.

It is organic and marked as vegan on the bottle. Enough said.

You can buy a bottle from Amazon here. Just don’t forget the cocktail umbrella.

Vegan Mixers – The Final Sip

Vegan Mixers – let’s face it when it comes to cocktails the mixer is really “king”. It is what makes a humble liquor into a cocktail. Best of all mixers are simple and super quick ways to make your favorite cocktail at home or elsewhere. Simply pour and stir. Do vegan cocktail mixers exist? Yes, there are a whole bunch of vegan mixers available on the market. Enough to give you the versatility to make a whole bunch of vegan cocktails from Bloody Mary’s to Mai Tais, to Margaritas, to Martinis. The above list offers you a great selection of pre-made mixers to choose from. Just make sure the liquor you use is vegan.

Vegan Cocktail Mixers

…now you know.

Beverage makers may change ingredients and/or manufacturing processes. Always double-check ingredients before purchasing any beverages.

Please Drink Responsibly.

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