10 Best Vegan Drinks at Black Rock

Best vegan drinks at Black Rock Coffee. In this post, I am going to be sharing the 10 best vegan coffee drinks available from Black Rock Coffee. This community-focused coffee chain has over 100 locations in seven States (predominately in Arizona, Texas, Washington, and Oregon) focusing on drive-thru locations. However, what exactly are the vegan drinks available at Black Rock Coffee? I am going to share with you the best vegan options at Black Rock.

First, let’s answer the question – does Black Rock Coffee even offer vegan options?

What are the Best Black Rock Vegan Drinks?

Below is a table that summarizes the 10 best vegan drinks at Black Rock Coffee. These include a combination of hot and cold coffee and tea drinks. Most coffee and tea drinks at Black Rock Coffee can be made vegan with the substitution of dairy milk with a plant-based vegan alternative. Black Rock Coffee offers Oat Milk, Almond Milk, Coconut Milk, and Soy Milk as vegan milk options.

Best Black Rock Vegan Drinks
Iced Americano with Almond Milk
Oat Milk Latte with SF Hazelnut Syrup
Soya Milk Matcha Latte
Shaken Prickly Pear Hibiscus Iced Tea
Iced Drip Coffee with SF Coconut Syrup and Coconut Milk
Cold Brew with Oat Milk and SF Vanilla Syrup
Almond Latte with Chocolate Sauce
Drip Coffee with SF Irish Cream Syrup
Iced Cappuccino with Oat Milk

What Vegan Milks Are Available at Black Rock?

Black Rock Coffee has four dairy-free kinds of milk available – oat, coconut, soy, and almond.

What Vegan Sauces & Syrups Are Available at Black Rock?

Vegan Syrups at Black Rock

Black Rock has an impressive selection of syrups available. And even better only one of these syrups contains dairy – the English Toffee syrup. So, make sure to avoid the English Toffee syrup at Black Rock as this syrup is not vegan.

Regular syrups do contain sugar. As is always the case with sugar they could have been processed with bone char (but they also may not have been). If this is something you are not comfortable with then I have some good news – the hazelnut, coconut, Irish cream, French vanilla, peppermint, peach, raspberry, strawberry, and watermelon syrups can be ordered sugar-free.

Vegan Sauces at Black Rock

There are three sauces available at Black Rock – white chocolate, caramel, and chocolate. The white chocolate and caramel both contain dairy and so are not vegan. The chocolate sauce is dairy free. The chocolate sauce is also sugar-free so no need to worry about bone char processing.

Before we dig in, is black coffee always vegan? Yes, almost always – you can read about the one exception here – Is Coffee Vegan? How To Find Out The Truth.


It is also worth noting about Cross Contamination. As is always the case at all non-exclusively vegan restaurants there is always the chance of cross-contamination. I’ll leave this to you as to whether this is something you are comfortable with.

So, without further ado what are the 10 best vegan drinks at Black Rock Coffee?

Best Vegan Drinks at Black Rock Coffee - store front

10 Best Vegan Drinks at Black Rock Coffee

1. Iced Americano with Almond Milk

*Order with a dash of almond milk*

First up is the iced Americano with Almond Milk. What exactly is an Americano? Well, an Americano is water-poured over espresso. An iced Americano is a great vegan cooling coffee drink, which can be made even better with a splash of almond milk, for creamy vegan vibes.

It tends to be a stronger-flavored coffee drink.

2. Oat Milk Latte with Sugar-Free Classic Hazelnut Syrup

*Substitute dairy milk for oat milk*

*Add sugar-free hazelnut syrup*

An oat milk latte is a deliciously creamy vegan coffee option at Black Rock coffee. Add some sugar-free hazelnut syrup for some delicious hazelnut vibes.

3. Soya Milk Matcha Latte

*Substitute dairy milk for soy milk*

A matcha latte is such a great drink for when you want a boost with all the antioxidants. Make sure to order your matcha latte with dairy-free milk. I love mine with soy milk. Also, it is worth bearing in mind that a lot of coffee shops sweeten their matcha lattes, so it is worth checking with your Black Rock barista what the matcha latte is sweetened with.

If you have any bone char concerns, then order yours unsweetened.

4. Shaken Prickly Pear Hibiscus Iced Tea

Iced tea is such a great refreshing cooling summer drink for when you want a caffeine hit at the same time as a drink that will cool you down.

A prickly pear hibiscus iced tea is such a unique unusual flavor for an iced tea – hence why it made it onto this list. Again, iced teas are often sweetened so it is worth double checking with your barista what this iced tea is sweetened with, and if you have any bone char concerns order your iced tea unsweetened.

5. Hot Tea

*Order with a dash of vegan milk if desired*

Hot tea is the ultimate warming cozy drink.

However, is tea always vegan? Usually, but not always – you can read more about it here – Is Tea Vegan? Time to Know the Complete Facts.

The main thing to watch out for when ordering a hot tea in a coffee shop is to avoid any teas with ‘honey‘ in the name. My personal recommendations for tea? A black tea with a dash of almond milk. Or a green tea with no milk. If you want a non-caffeinated hit tea order an herbal tea that does not have “honey” in the name.

6. Iced Drip Coffee with Sugar-Free Coconut Syrup and Coconut Milk

The next Black Rock vegan drink suggestion is for when you fancy an iced coffee with some coconut flavor. To make sure your iced drip coffee is vegan order it as follows:

  • *Iced*
  • *With a dash of coconut milk*
  • *With sugar-free coconut syrup*

The result. A coconutty iced coffee vegan delight.

7. Cold Brew with Oat Milk and Sugar-Free French Vanilla

*Order with oat milk*

*Order with sugar-free French Vanilla syrup*

The next drink is perfect for when you want a major caffeine fix. Cold brew coffee contains a lot more caffeine than drip coffee. Order your cold brew with oat milk to balance it out, as well as some sugar-free French Vanilla syrup for some sweet vanilla flavor.

8. Hot Almond Milk Latte with Chocolate Sauce

*Substitute dairy milk for almond milk*

*Order with chocolate syrup*

Next up – an attempt at a vegan mocha. Order an almond milk latte with their dairy-free and sugar-free chocolate sauce. Make sure you give it a good stir. The result? A delicious warming vegan drink with all the mocha vibes.

9. Hot Drip Coffee with Sugar-Free Irish Cream Syrup

*Order with sugar-free Irish Cream syrup*

The next vegan Black Rock drink is perfect for when you need a strong caffeine hit but with some sweet fun flavors thrown in. Order your hot drip coffee with sugar-free Irish cream syrup for your own take on an Irish coffee.

10. Iced Cappuccino with Oat Milk

*Substitute dairy milk for oat milk*

The final entry on this list is perfect if you love a frothy coffee. Cappuccinos are a great lighter coffee drink made up of a third coffee, third milk, and third milk foam. If you want to step it up a notice order your cappuccino iced. Something special for that hotter day.

Best Vegan Drinks at Black Rock Coffee - The Final Sip

The Final Sip – 10 Best Vegan Drinks at Black Rock Coffee

10 Best Vegan Drinks at Black Rock Coffee. If you are vegan the good news is that Black Rock Coffee has a host of vegan drinks available. Like most coffee places these involve substituting regular dairy milk with your plant-based milk alternative of choice. I tried to share 10 of the most interesting drinks I could come up with at Black Rock Coffee. My personal favorite – is the hot drip coffee with sugar-free Irish Cream Syrup (entry 9), and the Soya Matcha Latte (entry 3).

Best Vegan Milks for Frothing

…Now I Know.

Beverage makers may change ingredients and/or manufacturing processes. Always double-check ingredients before purchasing any beverages.

Please Drink Responsibly.

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