10 Of The Best Vegan Drinks at Dutch Bros You Need To Try

10 Best Vegan Drinks at Dutch Bros – “hallow mag ik wat veganistische koffie alsjeblieft?”. That is Dutch for “Hello, please can I have some vegan coffee” (at least according to Google Translate). And why exactly am I starting this post with some Dutch? Well, because it is time to talk about the 10 best vegan coffees at your favorite “Dutch” themed coffee chain – Dutch Bros. In my previous post I covered how to order vegan drinks at Dutch Bros, breaking down every beverage on the Dutch Bros menu (see Which Dutch Bros Drinks are Vegan? The Complete Guide ). In this post, I am going to list my personal top 10 suggestions for vegan drinks at Dutch Bros. Think of it as a simple and easy go-to list you can use when ordering from your favorite Dutch Themed Coffee huts.

What Drinks Are Vegan At Dutch Bros?

As a general rule, the best vegan drinks at Dutch Bros include the Double Rainbow Tea, Rebels such as Passion Water and Sweet Sunrise, Cold Brews with Irish Cream and Hazelnut or simply with Oat Milk, the Annihilator, their Private Reserve, Smoothies such as Green Apple, the Double Chocolate Mocha Freeze and the Bob Frost.

Recap – How To Order Vegan Drinks at Dutch Bros

Let’s start with a quick recap on how to order vegan drinks at Dutch bros. If you want a complete breakdown of every drink on the Dutch Bros menu then check out my post: Vegan Drinks at Dutch Bros – How To Really Order Vegan). In the interim, here are the basic rules for ordering vegan at Dutch Bros:

1. REPLACE any dairy base with oat, almond, or coconut milk;

2. AVOID any caramel, white chocolate, almond roca, eggnog, or pumpkin sauces; and

3. HOLD any whipped cream or soft-top topping.

Some Disclaimers

Disclaimer – some of the below drinks contain natural flavors and sugar.

Natural flavors can be derived from both animal and plant sources, and you can never really know where they have been derived from. Cane sugar here in the US is sometimes processed with bone char. Again, it is very difficult to know if sugar has been processed with bone char unless it is labeled as organic, raw, or beet.

A lot of vegans consume sugar and natural flavors as they are present in so many foods and drinks and are hard to avoid (plus they are often vegan). Some stricter vegans choose to avoid them. If you fall in the latter group, then the best options for you at Dutch Bros are drinks number 9 and 10 on the list (oat milk cold brew and the private reserve).

Vegan Drinks at Dutch Bros - Iced Coffee Drink

10 Best Vegan Drinks at Dutch Bros

Below are ten of what I believe are the best vegan drinks at Dutch Bros (including a summary table and an item-by-item breakdown).

Before we dig in, if you love Dutch Bros coffee and want to start replicating your vegan Dutch Bros coffee at home you can! You can buy Dutch Bros private reserve whole bean coffee from Amazon here. If grinding the beans seems like too much work to you, you can also buy their coffee pods on Amazon too (these work on the Keurig style KCUP coffee machine like this one on Amazon here).

Summary Table of the Best Vegan Dutch Bros Drinks

Best Vegan Drinks at Dutch Bros That Require No Substitutions Best Vegan Drinks at Dutch Bros That Require Substitutions Best Sugar-Free Vegan Drinks at Dutch Bros
Double Rainbow TeaAnnihilator (replace half-half with vegan milk)Sugar-Free Passion Water Rebel
Nutty Irish Man Cold BrewThe Bob Frost (order with Vegan Milk and hold the whip)Sugar-Free Sweet Sunrise Rebel
Passion Water RebelDouble Chocolate Mocha Freeze (order with vegan milk instead of the freeze mix and hold the whip)Cold Brew with Oat Milk
Green Apple SmoothiePrivate Reserve
Sweet Sunrise Rebel
Private Reserve

10 Best Vegan Drinks at Dutch Bros – Item-by-Item

1. Double Rainbow Tea

*No Substitutions required*

How often do you get to drink tea flavored with strawberry, peach, and coconut and named after rainbows? Never, right? Wrong, because at Dutch Bros you can, and it is vegan as-is. You get to choose whether to have it made with organic green tea or Paris black tea – I would personally go with green tea for all the antioxidants. You also get to choose whether to have it cold or hot.

2. Nutty Irish Man Cold Brew

*Add Hazelnut and Irish Cream syrups to your cold brew*

The Nutty Irish Man is an amazing combination of Irish cream and hazelnut syrup – a great flavor combination. Ask for this flavor combination added to a cold brew. Add a dash of oat milk to make it super creamy. And you are set. Almost tastes like an actual Irish cream – apart from the only hit you are getting is in the caffeinated form. You can also order Dutch Bros cold brew nitro infused if you need an extra kick.

3. Passion Water Rebel

*No Substitutions required*

Dutch Bros Rebels are essentially energy drinks that come in a variety of flavors. Passion fruit and watermelon rebel is one of the most tropical and refreshing Rebels at Dutch Bros. You can also order it sugar-free.

4. Green Apple Smoothie

*Hold the Whipped Cream*

Sour and sweet. Hold the whipped cream. 

5. Annihilator – Chocolate macadamia nut breve

* Replace half-half with plant-based milk*

Replace the half-half with your plant-based milk of choice. You can also order this cold, hot or blended depending on what you fancy (or more importantly what the weather is like out).

6. Sweet Sunrise Rebel 

*No Substitutions required*

Peach, Passion Fruit, Orange, Banana flavored rebel. Because who doesn’t love sunrises as well as drinks named after them? Especially when they can be made sugar-free. One sugar-free sweet Sunrise Rebel, please.

7. The Bob Frost

 * Order with vegan milk* 

 * Hold the whipped Cream*

Frosts are Dutch Bro’s shakes. The Bob Frost contains bananas, dark chocolate, and coconut. To make it vegan hold the whipped cream and order with vegan plant-based milk.

8. Double Chocolate Mocha Freeze

* Order vegan milk in place of the freeze mix*

* Hold the whipped cream*

Freezes are Dutch Bros Frapuccino style drinks. Mochas cannot be made vegan at every shop (for example at Costa the chocolate powder isn’t vegan – see my post: Vegan Drinks at Costa – How To Order Vegan). This means you should enjoy the opportunity to have a vegan frappe style mocha delight at Dutch Bros.

9. Cold Brew with Oat Milk

*No Substitutions required*

A simple drink but a goodie. A great sugar-free option for when you just want a cooling caffeine hit with a bit of vegan creaminess.

10. Private Reserve

*No Substitutions required*

An even simpler vegan option for when you just want to get straight down to business. This is Dutch Bros house brewed coffee. Drink it black or add a splash of plant-based vegan milk.

Vegan Drinks at Dutch Bros - the Final Sip

10 of the Best Vegan Drinks at Dutch Bros – The Final Sip

“Bedankt voor mijn heerlijke veganistische koffie” – that’s Dutch for “thank you for my delicious vegan coffee” (again at least I think it is according to Google Translate). The good news is that you don’t have to speak Dutch to enjoy any of these 10 awesome vegan drinks from Dutch Bros. What’s my personal choice from the list? Well, it would have to be the Nutty Irish Man Cold Brew I am a sucker for hazelnut things (I just love the chocolate nuttiness of them) – now if Nutella could only make a vegan version…please. Sorry, I digressed there we only talk about beverages at Vegan Bev HQ.

Vegan Drinks at Dutch Bros

…now you know.

Beverage makers may change ingredients and/or manufacturing processes. Always double-check ingredients before purchasing any beverages.

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