10 Vegan Non-Alcoholic Cocktails You Need To Know About And Try

Vegan Non-Alcoholic Cocktails – if you like non-alcoholic vegan Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain then this article is for you. Why? Because it’s time to talk about all things vegan non-alcoholic cocktails (aka the vegan mocktail). Yep, those yummy, fruity, sour, and sweet creations with all the fun and none of the hangover. In my previous piece, I talked about all things non-alcoholic types (including types of non-alcoholic vegan beer, wine, and liquor – see my post: Vegan Non-Alcoholic Drinks – Revealing What You Need To Know and 10 Non-Alcoholic Vegan Wines You Need To Know About). In this piece, I am going to list 10 of my favorite vegan non-alcoholic cocktails available on the market today.

There are a whole host of vegan non-alcoholic cocktails available on the market today – from vegan non-alcoholic Cosmopolitans to Mimosas, to Moscow Mules, to Bloody Marys, to Bitters, to Mojitos. Vegan non-alcoholic cocktail mixes are available in can, bottle, and powder form so there is no need to miss out if you are vegan and do not want to drink alcohol.

What is a Mocktail?

To start with let’s get out of the way what exactly is a “mocktail”?  According to Merriam-Webster a “Mocktail” is: a usually iced drink made with any of various ingredients (such as juice, herbs, and soda water) but without alcohola nonalcoholic cocktail.

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails can also go under the name “Virgin Drinks”, “Virgin Cocktails”, “Non-Alcoholic Drinks”, “Alcohol-Free Cocktails”, “Non-Alcoholic Cocktail”, and/or “Mocktails”.

Summary Table – Types of Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

The below table summarizes my personal picks for each type of “cocktail” style drink. I go through each item separately below.

Best Vegan Non-Alcoholic MimosaBest Vegan Non-Alcoholic G&TBest Vegan Non-Alcoholic Moscow MuleBest Vegan Non-Alcoholic Margarita Best Vegan Non-Alcoholic Cosmopolitan
FauxmosaLyres Ready To Drink – G&TSpirityMocktailsSTOUT

10 Best Vegan Non-Alcoholic Cocktails – Item-by-Item

Vegan Non-Alcoholic Cocktails - Mimosa

1. Fauxmosa

The first vegan non-alcoholic cocktail on this list is also the first one you may drink in the day. A Mimosa. Or rather a Fauxmosa (get it). Aka the perfect accomplishment to a leisurely brunch. If 12 pm is too early for you for an actual alcoholic Mimosa or if you just want to have that Mimosa experience without any of the alcohol, then these cans of pre-made vegan mimosas are perfect. Just pour into a champagne glass and you are all set.

Fauxmosa is made with California grapes, no added sugar, and just natural ingredients. Fauxmosa comes in delicious flavors such as orange with turmeric, cranberry with hibiscus and ginger, grapefruit with raspberry & holy basil, and pineapple with lemon and mint.

You can find Fauxmosa on Amazon by clicking this link here. 

2. Lyres Non-Alcoholic Ready To Drink Cans

I have talked about Lyres in previous posts (see Vegan Non-Alcoholic Drinks – Revealing What You Need To Know). Lyres are mainly known for its bottles of vegan non-alcoholic spirits (pretty much any spirit you can think of), but they also have a range of ready-to-drink cans of vegan mocktails too. Lyres hold the accolade of the most awarded non-alcoholic spirits in the world so they are a must-try.

This multipack can be purchased on Amazon Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Mixed and consists of cans of the three following mocktails:

G&T – Your classic G&T alternative with juniper and citrus flavors.

Classico – green apple tartness followed by pear, peach, and red apple flavors.

Amalfi – sunshine in a can with flavors of bittersweet orange, peach, rhubarb, and elderflower.

Seeing as how I honeymooned in the Amalfi Coast my first choice would have to be the Amalfi – just to bring back those memories. After that, you can not go wrong with a G&T.

3. Craftmix

Are you not after a pre-made vegan non-alcoholic cocktail but would like a helping hand making one at home? Or do you want a helping hand mixing a vegan non-alcoholic cocktail whilst camping, at a festival, a concert, or a picnic? Step in Craftmix vegan non-alcoholic cocktail packets. Mix one of these handy packets with your choice of soda, juice, or a vegan non-alcoholic spirit. Voila, is a gorgeous vegan non-alcoholic cocktail in the blink of an eye.

I would recommend the variety pack available on Amazon. That way you get to try blood orange Mai Tai, Mango Margarita, Strawberry Mule, and Passionfruit Paloma.

Want To Make Sure Your Mixer Is Vegan?

Like the sound of Craftmix but want to also make sure that your choice of soda or juice mixer is also vegan? Then make sure you read my posts on soda and juice below because believe it or not, not all juices and sodas are vegan.

4. Mingle

I have also talked about Mingle before in my post on vegan non-alcoholic drinks (see my post: Vegan Non-Alcoholic Drinks – Revealing What You Need To Know). Mingle mocktails are made with natural ingredients, use organic cane sugar to sweeten, and of course are vegan.

You can try one of each flavor (Blackberry Hibiscus Bellini, Cranberry Cosmo, Cucumber Melon Mojito, and Blood Orange Elderflower Mimosa) on Amazon here.

Mingle cocktails just require to be poured over ice and garnished (such as lime).

Vegan Non-Alcoholic Cocktails - Moscow Mule

5. Spirity

How about a vegan non-alcoholic cocktail made with a non-alcoholic spirit made from tea? Does that sound like your cup of tea (see what I did there)? Enter Spirity, which comes in various varieties such as Margarita, Mule, and Negroni. I personally adore sours so my choice would be the apricot sours.

You can find Spirity on Amazon by clicking this link here.

If you would like to learn more about whether tea is always vegan you can also learn about this ancient drink in my post: Is Tea Vegan? Time To Know The Complete Facts.

6. Mocktails

We have talked about Mocktails before (and yes, the name of this brand is “Mocktails”) – Vegan Non-Alcoholic Drinks – Revealing What You Need To Know. Mocktails offer vegan Sangria, Margaritas, Cosmopolitans, and Moscow Mules. Mocktails are fewer than 95 calories per bottle, contain no artificial colors or flavors, and of course, are vegan!

You can find Mocktails on Amazon by clicking this link here.

Vegan Non-Alcoholic Cocktails - Bloody Mary


Is a Bloody Mary your thing? If these brunch drinks are your jam then I have some good news for you in the form of STOUT vegan Bloody Mary. This is extra exciting since most Blood Marys are not vegan. The reason? Worcestershire sauce used to make the drink is made from anchovies. However, you can now get vegan Worcestershire sauces. Stout offers a vegan Bloody Mary Mix which is spicy, smokey, and bold in flavor. Just add some non-alcoholic vodka such as one from Lyre (see above). The result is a delicious Bloody Mary minus the alcohol and the fish.

STOUT clearly states in several places on their website that all their cocktails, including the bloody Mary, are vegan.

You can find STOUT on Amazon by clicking this link here.

If you like to learn more about how to make a vegan bloody mary at home you can here in the post I wrote dedicated to everything vegan bloody marys.

8. Strongwater

This Strongwater old-fashioned bitters gift set is the number one bestseller in Cocktail bitters on Amazon. This gift set includes Cherry, Orange, Aromatic, Walnut, and Lavender Bitters. The ingredients are organic fruit, herbs, and botanicals, and the bitters are made in small batches. Just add a few drops of the bitters to your vegan spirit of choice or to a non-alcoholic drink such as soda.

You can find Strongwater on Amazon by clicking this link here.

9. Mocktail Party Book

Okay, this isn’t a drink. A bit of a left-field entry, but nevertheless an entry I thought should make the list. This is a recipe book for 75 Plant-Based Non-Alcoholic Mocktails you can make at home. Do you regularly make yourself a vegan mocktail in the evening? Then this book is a lovely gift to yourself. It contains 75 plant-based non-alcoholic mocktail recipes. It is written by two registered dieticians and all the recipes use natural ingredients and minimal sugar.

You can find 75 Plant-Based Non-Alcoholic Mocktails on Amazon by clicking this link here.

10. Vegan Non-Alcoholic Bailey’s

I have already reviewed the vegan Baileys (see my post: Vegan Baileys – The Truth About This Surprising Drink), but what if you fancy a vegan non-alcoholic Baileys – perhaps as mid-afternoon pick me up? Well, there may not be one commercially available, but you can whip this vegan non-alcoholic Baileys easily at home yourself as well.

Below is my secret recipe for a non-alcoholic vegan Baileys to make at home.

Vegan Non-Alcoholic Baileys Ingredients

Makes 4 servings

2 cups Unsweetened Almond Milk (I used almond but you can use any plant-based milk of your choice)

1 teaspoon instant coffee (I used Nescafe. You can use decaf if you do not want the caffeine hit)

2 teaspoons vanilla (I used vanilla paste but you can also use extract)

2 tablespoons coconut sugar (you can use any vegan sweetener such as maple syrup or raw or organic sugar)

Vegan Non-Alcoholic Baileys Instructions

Put the coconut sugar in a jug and then add a very small amount of boiling water – enough just to dissolve the sugar. Then add the almond milk, coffee, and vanilla and stir. Then simply pour over ice and enjoy.

Vegan Non-Alcoholic Cocktails - The Final Sip

10 Vegan Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Drinks

One of the things that make cocktails so fun and popular, in my opinion, is the amazing flavors and flamboyance of some of them. That’s why we drink them. And best of all in today’s world you can re-create those flavor profiles without any of the alcohol or animal-derived ingredients, whether pre-made or mixed yourself at home. That means whether you don’t drink alcohol, or you just want to skip it for a day these mocktails offer the perfect alternative to having that special drink you can relax, enjoy, and feel special with.

Vegan Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

…now you know.

Beverage makers may change ingredients and/or manufacturing processes. Always double-check ingredients before purchasing any beverages.

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