Vegan Baileys – The Truth About This Surprising Drink

What’s the hardest part about becoming vegan – how about not being able to get your favorite vegan (like a Vegan Baileys)? For most of us becoming vegan is a journey. At some point in our lives, we decided to become vegan. The hardest part is, sometimes, leaving behind those things which we absolutely loved but are sadly not vegan. Everyone has something. Our drink reviews are designed to find those non-vegan drinks which we loved that now have a vegan version: win: win, we think yes. This week we review vegan Baileys.

Is Baileys Vegan?

Vegan Baileys (known as Baileys Almande) is made from “sweet almond oil and almond essence, cane sugar and purified water with a touch of real vanilla”. The abv is 13% and it is a light-tasting alternative to traditional Baileys – perfect for vegans and anybody who wants a dairy-free Irish cream alternative.

Vegan Baileys Anyone?

You have never had Baileys Irish Cream!? Well, let’s start with what it is and how in its current form it’s not vegan.

Baileys is probably the most popular Irish Cream on the market today. Essentially, just a mix of whiskey, cream, and sugar. The drink is creamy and sweet to taste with a strong hazelnut or almond finish to it. Traditionally served by itself with ice or drizzled on top of anything dessert-y to make it even more naughty and indulgent. Baileys was one of our fav tipples before we became vegan. Sadly, being heavily based on cream and milk this drink is about as far as you can get from being vegan-friendly as possible. That is until vegan baileys.

Is Baileys Almande Vegan?

In March 2017 Baileys released Bailey’s Almande which is vegan.

Our prayers for this sweet, delicious, and creamy drink to be returned to our lives were answered. So, what’s the difference?

Non-Vegan Baileys is essentially made from Whiskey, Cream, Cocoa, Vanilla, and Irish Whiskey. Although the exact recipe is still kept a bit hush-hush.

Vegan Baileys Ingredients

So we have already established that vegan Baileys contains sweet almond oil, almond essence, cane sugar, purified water, and a touch of vanilla. But what’s the alcohol in it? Well, that’s a bit harder to find out. The label doesn’t say, and a bit of internet research didn’t prove any answers. Our guess is an Almond Liquor rather than a Whiskey one.

Vegan Baileys Review

Honestly? After tasting, it’s not a traditional Baileys. In fact, in our opinion, it is closer in taste to an almond-based liqueur. Is it as creamy? Yes, but not as much so the traditional Baileys, but that’s because they use “purified water” instead of an almond milk base. The result is a more “watery” and thinner liquid which is much more comparable to an Amaretto-type drink than a traditional Baileys (we say that – we have been vegan so long that we probably can’t even remember what the original stuff tastes like). The color is also off from the original, coming out much more looking like an “Eggnog” drink than a traditional Baileys.

Did We Enjoy Vegan Baileys?

Absolutely, yes! Despite it obviously being a “Baileys in Almond Clothing” type-thing going on, the drink is still more than delicious enough for you to easily be finding yourself emptying one bottle way sooner than you expected. And, again, to be completely honest – isn’t that a true measure of how we enjoy any form of beverage?

Also the packaging it comes in truly makes it one of the prettiest bottles on the market at the moment. A curvy bottle is covered in a white label that has a nice textured finish. On the label is black and gold lettering with a pretty sketch of pink, gold, and green flowers running across the label. The bottle itself could be a piece of artwork – no seriously.

Plus in a world where being vegan often means it can be extremely hard to be gluten-free, Baileys is gluten-free. Added bonus.

Vegan Baileys Cocktails

Vegan Baileys

Okay, so not everyone out there is like us and will simply drink this nectar of the almond straight with some glass. There are some options, and helpfully the back label of the bottle provides three neat ways to enjoy this beverage of choice.

Option 1: Baileys Almande Crush. This is 3oz of Baileys poured over crushed ice. Simple, classic, and served in a tumbler.

Option 2: Baileys Almande Refresh – 3oz of Baileys mixed with 3oz of Coconut Water poured over ice in a tall glass.

Option 3: Baileys Frozen Frappe – 1 cup of Baileys blended with 1 cup of ice. Blend and serve for the ultimate Summer drink.

Vegan Baileys Recipe

Search the internet for Vegan Baileys and a whole host of recipes come up. Best of all they are all pretty simple to make, requiring only a blender and some pretty basic vegan essential ingredients (okay, except for the whiskey).

Here is a great vegan Baileys recipe:


2.5 Fl Oz Irish whiskey

1/4 cup coffee (decaf or regular)

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

3 tablespoons agave syrup, maple syrup, or date syrup

15 Fl Oz your choice of preferred nut milk

To make simply mix everything together and blend until completely smooth. That’s it. Chill, pour over some ice, and enjoy.

Where Do They Sell Vegan Baileys?

A lot of the big grocery stores sell Vegan Baileys. It can also be purchased through Whole Foods Market with an Amazon prime account – using this Amazon link.

Vegan Baileys – The Final Sip

Would we buy Bailey’s Vegan Irish Cream again? Yes, we would. Is it vegan? YES. Is it delicious, YES? Is it Bailey’s vegan double? Probably not. However, if you love Amaretto and want a quick crowd-pleaser at the dinner table or a post-after-dinner treat then this Vegan Baileys is the thing. It is good enough for non-vegans to go – wow, this is vegan.  It’s just not the OG Baileys and that is okay.

Vegan Baileys

…now you know.

Beverage makers may change ingredients and/or manufacturing processes. Always double-check ingredients before purchasing any beverages.

Please Drink Responsibly.

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