Best Vegan Organic Wines (And How To Know What To Look For)

Vegan Organic Wines – in this post I wanted to talk about vegan and organic wines. Specifically, I wanted to share what is the difference between a “vegan wine” and an “organic wine” (because there is a difference). I also wanted to answer some of the burning questions I had when it came to vegan and organic wines. Like “are all vegan wines organic” (nope), “do organic wines contain sulfites” (sometimes), and “does being labeled ‘made from organic grapes’ make a wine certified organic” (nope)? Most importantly, I wanted to share with you 10 wines I found that are both vegan and organic. To start with let’s answer the question – do vegan organic wines exist?

Vegan Organic Wines – Do They Exist?

As a general rule, there are wines available that are both vegan and organic. Some of these are vegan certified, some are USDA organic certified, and some are made with organic grapes and contain sulfites. Wines that are both vegan and organic can come in the form of red, white, rosé, and prosecco.

10 Vegan Organic Wines – Summary Table

Below is a list of 10 Vegan Organic Wines you can find in grocery and liquor stores. I will break down each item by item below.

10 Vegan Organic Wines
*Some Contain Added Sulfites
Bellissima (available via Instacart here)
Avaline (available via Instacart here)
Pizzolato (available via Amazon here)
Frey (available via Amazon here)
Our Daily Wines (available via here)
Trivento (available via here)
7 Deadly Zins (available via Instacart here)
Bonterra (available via Amazon here)
Innovacion (available via Amazon here)
Natura (available via here)

Vegan Organic Wines – FAQs

Before I go into each wine listed above, I thought it would be helpful to answer some of the questions I had about vegan and organic wines. Like:

  • if something is organic does that automatically make it vegan?
  • What does “organic” on a wine bottle even mean?
  • What is the difference between organic and USDA-certified organic?
Vegan Organic Wines - Grapes

Is Vegan Wine the Same as Organic Wine?

On average, vegan wines and organic wines are not the same things. What then is the difference?

  • Vegan wines are wines that have not been processed with animal-based fining agents (e.g., gelatin, egg whites, or casein) nor have any animal-based ingredients been added to them.
  • Organic wines, in comparison, are made with grapes grown according to the principles of organic farming, which usually do not use chemical pesticides, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides.

Are All Organic Wines Vegan?

As a general rule, not all organic wines are vegan. Wine can be made from grapes grown according to organic farming practices but filtered using an animal-based fining agent – making a wine organic but not vegan. Conversely, a wine can be made from grapes grown by non-organic farming practices (involving artificial pesticides), but then filtered using a vegan fining agent such as bentonite clay – making this wine vegan but not organic.

It should also be noted that wines do not even have to be always fined. Over time wines will naturally fine. However, using fining agents speeds this process up. If you want to learn more about how exactly wine is made and why it isn’t always vegan check out my post, Why Is Wine Not Vegan – How to Know The Truth?.

Do Organic Wines Contain Sulfites?

All wines contain some naturally occurring sulfites. Sulfites are a food preservative used in the winemaking process. Sulfites are naturally occurring, but most often added to wines. Under the USDA organic program sulfites cannot be added to wine as they are considered a synthetic food additive. In Europe and Canada, however, a wine can be organic but still has added sulfites.

So, if you want to only drink wine that has not had any sulfites added to it, it is best to stick to USDA-certified wines (organic wines from Europe could still have sulfites added). I know, even organic doesn’t mean the same thing depending on where you are?!

Are Vegan Wines Sulfite Free?

As a whole, all wines contain some naturally occurring sulfites, so no wines are completely sulfite-free. Further, just because a wine uses vegan fining agents does not mean that sulfites are not added – many vegan wines have sulfites added. At the same time, a wine can have no sulfites added (“NSA”) and be not vegan (due to animal-based fining agents being used).

Does ‘Made from Organic Grapes’ Mean the Same as Certified Organic?

No, it doesn’t.

Wines labeled as being “made from organic grapes” are produced with certified organic grapes.

However, a wine that is USDA Organic Certified is not only made with organic grapes but also produced in a certified organic factory. Further, any other ingredients added to the wine (for example yeast) must also be certified organic. Finally, a USDA Organic Certified wine can have no sulfites added to it and a naturally occurring sulfite level not exceeding 10 ppm (parts per million) or 1/2000th of an ounce of a wine glass.

Remember this is just for USDA Organic Certified wines. Canadian and European wines are allowed to add sulfites to their certified organic wines. In Europe, the limit is set at 100mg per liter for red wine and 150 mg/l for white and rosé.

Vegan Organic Wines - Vine yard

Vegan and Organic Wines – Item-by-Item

Based on the above you now know the difference between vegan wine, wine made from organic grapes, no added sulfite wines, and USDA Certified Organic Wines and other certified wines from Europe and Canada. Just think of all the information you will blow people away with at your next social gathering.

So, what are the wines that are both organic and vegan? Well, sit back, relax, and enjoy this list of both vegan AND organic wines (which is based on my above table).

To make this list as helpful as possible I have listed the vegan status (e.g., vegan certified, listed as vegan on the label, or listed as vegan on Barnivore. I have also listed the organic status (e.g., certified organic or listed as just made with organic grapes) of each wine.

Organic Wine Exchange

Before I get started it is worth shining some light on Organic Wine which has an entirely organic and certified vegan wine section on their website – Vegan Wine – Organic Wine Exchange (these wines are either certified organic or grown from organic grapes). If you are vegan and looking for organic wine this is a good place to start.

1. Bellissima

Bellissima Vegan StatusCertified by BeVeg
Bellissima Organic StatusMade from organic grapes

Bellissima literally means “most beautiful.” And Bellissima wines are indeed the most beautiful – for several reasons. 1) One of the World’s most beautiful women, Christie Brinkley helped launch the brand, and 2) Bellissima wines are certified vegan and made from organic grapes. Yes, made from organic grapes – not certified organic

Bellissima wines are grown with grapes from “vineyards that are cultivated organically, in harmony with the region’s natural rhythms“.

Bellissima has five vegan wines to choose from:

Bellissima Vegan Wines Made from Organic Grapes
Prosecco DOC Brut
Zero Sugar Sparkling White Wine
Sparkling Rose Wine
Zero Sugar Sparkling Rose
Prosecco Rose DOC

If you are interested in Bellissima you can find a bottle of the DOC Brut from Instacart here.

2. Avaline

Avaline Vegan Status“Vegan friendly” on the front of the bottle
Avaline Organic StatusMade from organic grapes

Another vegan and organic wine launched by a celebrity – this time Cameron Diaz. The philosophy of Avaline is to bring more transparency to the wine industry. This is demonstrated in “vegan friendly” being on the front of Avaline wine bottles (something which is still rarely seen but becoming more popular to do). Avaline wants to make clean wine accessible to everyone – something I am all for.

Avaline wines are available in the following grapes and blends.

Vegan-Friendly Avaline Wines Made From Organic Grapes
Grenache Blanc
Pinot Noir

Avaline is available in Sprouts as well as via Instacart. You can treat yourself to a bottle of the white blend from Instacart here.

If you also want to learn more about the wine options at Sprouts I wrote a whole article on Sprout’s vegan wine options here: The Best Vegan Wine At Sprouts.

3. Pizzolato

Pizzolato Vegan StatusVegan certified
Pizzolato Organic StatusUSDA organic certified

The first wine on the list to be both vegan-certified and USDA Organic Certified. Pizzolato is an amazing Italian vinery with a huge selection of wines available from different sparkling varieties to reds to whites.

Some Pizzolato wines are available on Amazon like this delicious Merlot which has strawberry, chocolate, and coconut notes. You can find it on Amazon here.

4. Frey Wines

Frey Vegan StatusFrey proudly states that all their wines are vegan in several places on their website
Frey Organic StatusUSDA organic certified

Frey had to make this list. This is on their homepage: “America’s first organic and Biodynamic winery producing award-winning vegan, gluten free wines with no added sulfites since 1980”. Frey has a huge choice of wines to choose from – many of which I have already mentioned before here at Vegan Bev HQ.

There are some red and white varieties of Frey wine available from Amazon here.

5. Our Daily Wines

Our Daily Wines Vegan Status“Vegan friendly” on bottle/box
Our Daily Wines Organic StatusUSDA organic certified

I have mentioned Our Daily Wines several times before here at Vegan Bev HQ, and for good reason – their wines are USDA Organic Certified and vegan (they even state “vegan friendly” on the bottle/box). Best of all they are super affordable (especially for a USDA Organic Certified and vegan wine) and widely accessible.

There are two red varieties – Our Daily Red and Our Daily Cab. Our Daily Cab is a Cabernet Sauvignon and Our Daily Red is a blend made from Syrah, Grenache, Ruby Cabernet, and Carignan. The good news keeps coming – both varieties are also available in boxed format. If you read Vegan Bev HQ you know how much I am a fan of boxed wine – love it. If you love either variety, you can get even more eco and budget-friendly and buy a boxed version. Also, if you want to know why I loved boxed wine so much check out my post: 5 Vegan Boxed Wines You Need To Try (& Those To Avoid).

You can try a bottle of Our Daily Wine for yourself from here.

6. Trivento

Trivento Vegan StatusVegan certified
Trivento Organic StatusTrivento’s farm will achieve 100% organic production certification in 2024

This Argentinian wine brand makes some incredible wines. Personally, I love their reds the most (when in Roma…sorry I mean Argentina, and all that). has several Trivento wines available. You can treat yourself to a bottle of the Reserve Red Blend from here.

7. 7 Deadly Zins

7 Deadly Zins Vegan StatusConfirmed vegan on Barnivore (see below references)
7 Deadly Zins Organic Status“Certified Green” in the Lodi appellation

It was honestly just a coincidence that 7 Deadly Zins made it to number 7 on this list (I swear, not planned at all). I have mentioned 7 Deadly Zins several times here on Vegan Bev HQ (for example in best vegan wines at Costco and best vegan wines at Walmart – see Introducing The 10 Best Vegan Wines At Walmart and 10 Vegan Wines at Costco You Need To Know About). This “wickedly Delicious zinfandel is temptation at first sip”.

You can find a bottle of this “hedonistically seductive” (their words) wine from Instacart here.

8. Bonterra White Wines

Bonterra Vegan StatusThe following is on the FAQ page of Bonterra’s website – “all of our wines are suitable for vegetarians. Our white wines are suitable for vegans, but our red wines are fined with organic egg whites.”
Bonterra Organic StatusCertified to California Certified Organic Farmers’ Made with Organic Grapes standards (CCOF) and California Certified Sustainable Winegrowers (CCSW).

According to Bonterra”s website they are the “World’s first organically farmed, Climate Neutral certified wine.”

Fancy trying a glass of this organic Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay (because the red wines are not vegan)? You can try either from Amazon – you can try the Chardonnay from Amazon here and the Sauvignon Blanc from Amazon here.

9. Innovacion

Innovacion Vegan Status“Vegan friendly” on the back of the bottle
Innovacion Organic StatusThe following is on the back of the bottle – “100% sustainably farmed grapes. Social welfare programs. Energy conservation. Use of green fertilizers. Wildlife preservation. Vineyard irrigation from pure mountain water. Water recycling programs.”

Innovacion comes in a variety of grapes but two of the most popular are Malbec-Syrah Rosé variety as well as Tempranillo-Malbec. Both can be purchased from Amazon (here for the Malbec-Syrah Rosé and the Tempranillo-Malbec here.

If you would also like to read more about what other wines are vegan at Whole Foods Market you can read my post: 10 Vegan Wines At Whole Foods You Need To Know.

10. Natura wines

Natura Vegan Status“Vegan friendly” at top of Natura website
Natura Organic StatusMade from 100% organically grown grapes. Certified organic in Europe and Chile. Not organic under the United States standards as a small number of sulfites are added.

Natura is a great example of how different organic standards can mean different things for a wine. Natura is a vegan-friendly wine that is also certified as Organic in Europe and Chile. However, it does not mean the USDA standards for organic certification as small amounts of sulfites are added – which are allowed in Europe and Chile for “organic” wines.

The Natura collection consists of nine varieties – 6 reds and 3 whites – all Chilean wines.  At the time of writing, has Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Malbec in stock. You can try the Chardonnay from here.

Vegan Organic Wines - The Final Sip

Vegan Organic Wines – The Final Sip

Vegan Organic Wines – wow, this post has been a real eye-opener for me, personally. What’s the main takeaway? Well, yes there are vegan and organic wines available out there. However, while wine may be “organic” it may not be “that organic”. Does that even make sense? No. The reality of the situation is that organic can mean different things depending on where you are and the level of certification of the wine. Some wines are just made with grapes that have been farmed and grown organically, which is great but then can have non-organic ingredients added. If you are sensitive to sulfites or want a completely organic wine – from the way the grapes are made to even its wine-making process, then your best and only option is to choose a USDA Organic Certified Wine (entries No.3, No.4, and No.5 on the list). I am never going to be able to look at a wine label the same way again. In any event, at least everything on the list is vegan – that part seems simple compared to “organic status”.

Vegan Organic Wines

…now you know.

Beverage makers may change ingredients and/or manufacturing processes. Always double-check ingredients before purchasing any beverages.

Please Drink Responsibly.

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